Eunbidan (localized as Bidan) is the twin's (Number 1. & Number 2.) sister and Juda's secretary.


She has long curly white hair, blue eyes, and white wings, she wears a long blue jacket, underneath it is a black shirt. She is pretty enough to make Naga blush.



She is shown to be calm and collected, even when fighting, she is known to flirt (possibly unintentionally) with young men. She is said to be a playgirl.


  • Immortality: Bidan's species is immortal, unable to get sick, injured, or get killed. Any physical wounds their species receives will be restored immediately, along with severed body parts attaching themselves back together.
  • Healing: Bidan, along with her brothers, possesses more powerful healing abilities than any other healer in SPOON. This is due to the siblings being immortal, meaning the life energy required for healing never decreases.


  • Despite her looks, she has no charm (personality wise).