Starting at the beginning of the chapter, Guineung offers Naga to become a hero, instead mistaking him for a salesman and saying he doesn't want any.

Naga explains his life, saying that he's in his second year of high school and his specialty is not having anything that makes him special. Then explaining he keeps running into strange people. It transitions to Naga stating he watched an ad saying that he was special and so he should join SPOON.

Next, he is faced with his principle and is forced to hear out SPOON. After the encounter, he is stalked by Guineung begging him to join SPOON once again, when one day he was present during a near traffic accident where he lifted a truck up to avoid hitting a man and his dog. They offer again and he replies no, but after hearing the offer of 3000 volunteer hours and special university screening, he accepted the job offer at SPOON.