It is then revealed to Naga that there are two KNIFEs, FAKE KNIFE, and KNIFE, Osu is the leader of FAKE KNIFE, and is actually a support of SPOON, Guineung gets a call from Dana and leaves the two alone. Two men come in who reveal themselves as the henchmen of FAKE KNIFE and their names, Number 1. and Number 2. 

Guineung returns and sends Naga on a mission to capture a jewelry thief, then sending FAKE KNIFE along with him. Catching the jewelry thief, Naga is scared and teleports to Guineung who then explains Osu is a human drug and will cause hallucinations if normal people are around him, the exemption is Dana and Number 1. and Number 2., Osu is aware of this and attempts to break into people's mind by analyzing children books to the degree that people start crying over the story.