Naga and Redrum are in a car with Redrum introducing herself and talking about his recklessness, with Naga retorting that they were weak. Naga asks if they knew the kidnapper was kidnapping girls and drugging them, Redrum answers yes, to which Naga gets worried to what Redrum says about sacrifices, Naga is then told that he is wanted in their research.

Fast forward at SPOON they talk about their plan on arresting them after Naga said the wanted to have some time to think. 

Going back to Redrum and Naga, she tells Naga of their plan, eternal youth and immortality. She then explains her plan while they enter the research center, revealing she inherited the plan from her grandfather and revealing their guinea pig, who can purify things just by touch.

When Naga explained the guinea pig's birth, Dana asked for more information.