Walking through the immortality research center, Naga and Redrum converse about her goal and the plan.

Switching to present day, Dana informs Naga of KNIFE, whose the leader is said to resemble the guinea pig, listing possible answers of the cause of similar appearance. Hyena interrupts when Dana lists clone, along with asking if Redrum was a witch, in the past noblemen would clone themselves by taking a newborn and feeding it with the baby's own body like nails or hair. By doing this it would change their eye color, thus explains the guinea pig's unnatural eye color.

Flashing back to the research center, Naga is left alone while Redrum is busy, with her being off he decides to explore, with the idea of taking pictures as evidence, while posing for a selfie he is then alerted of Venom, who is also a guinea pig but has the opposite powers of Tracy, whos name is now revealed. Venom explains they're torturing people, he begs Naga to put the researchers in jail. Going back to SPOON they start planning for their next move.