Lee is an effeminate man who appears in Chapter 44. He looks after Mina, a young centipede mix who is also his neighbor.


Commonly mistaken for a female, Lee has some features which others take as more 'feminine', such as his hair. Lee is quite tall and has a slim figure. He has scarlet eyes and blonde hair which is cut shortly below his chin.

He wears a yellow jacket with a black shirt underneath. His yellow jacket blends in with the color of his hair and the collar of his jacket match the color of his eyes.


Lee, feeling pity for the unfair judgment placed upon Mina, decided to look after her and comfort her, despite not being fond of bugs himself. It has also been said that he has a girlfriend.


Lee is a kind and a soft-hearted person who places others above himself. He is willing to comfort others even if it makes him uncomfortable or frightened. He is also very calm, managing to still talk politely after being unfairly scolded.

He understands what is right and wrong and feels guilty immediately after doing something which is considered wrong.



Lee has been taking care of Mina out of care and pity because of all of the unfair and harsh judgment placed upon her and her looks. He cares deeply about her and would place her emotions and feelings above his own.


  • Lee was mistaken for a girl by a panty thief.
  • He is known to be a 'pushover'.