Mago is an Inspector who originally worked under Youngjeong but now works for an unspecified division.


Mago is a young man with two earrings. He wears a suit with a brown and black stripped shirt. His hair is often slicked back while he is on duty.


He first appears to help the flight team complete a mission for Fork but has a few other appearances throughout the series. As of chapter 211 he becomes the inspector for spoon instead of Dune.


He's addicted to schedules. He is extremely cautious due to his lack of fighting ability. Although usually he is calm and always polite.


  • Psychometry: The ability to read information from objects by touching them.


  • In the bonus comics for the 19th volume his hand is described as pretty
  • His stats on his chart are speciality(superpower), volume of reading(how deep he can get using his superpower), academic acheivement, sincerity and physical strength