Mina is a minor character who Naga, Sasa, and Hyena helped while on a mission.


Not much is known about Mina's past but it has been shown that Lee had helped Mina and taken care of her while many people were too afraid of her and judged her because of her appearance.


Mina is Lee's close companion. She was brought to the Flight Team of SPOON because Lee wanted them to help her find someone who would take care of her.


Mina is generally a cheerful and innocent person who usually stays happy. However, Mina tends to be very sensitive and cries easily and whenever she does cry, she attracts insects which horrifies many people.

She, still being a young child, is quite naive and isn't aware of many of the private issues which go around. Mina is also straightforward, not afraid to speak her mind.

Abilities/ Powers

  • Insect Attraction: Whenever Mina cries, she attracts many insects.




Lee has been taking care of Mina for a while because he feels pity for her since everyone else judges her for her appearance, despite not liking bugs himself. He wants someone to help him look after her because Mina's mother isn't comfortable with Mina being alone with a male.