Naga's aunt is Mrs. Naga's sister and Mr. Naga's sister-in-law. She has one son.


Not much is known about Naga's aunt but it is shown that she and Mrs. Naga have been quite close as sisters.


Naga's aunt is a quite young-looking woman with short, grey bob-shaped hair and grey eyes with noticeably visible eyelashes. She has pale skin and a rather petite frame.

She looks very similar to Mrs. Naga.


Naga's aunt is quite talkative and friendly, not being afraid to open up and talk to others. She usually acts in a rather cultivated and polite manner, being honest yet courteous in what she says.



Mrs. Naga

Naga's aunt and Ms. Naga are sisters who resemble each other quite well. They both care deeply about each other and have a close bond, being able to comfortably talk about anything.


Naga's aunt thinks of Naga as a kind, well-mannered child compared to her own child. Even though she thinks that he's always quiet and been afraid, she wants him to help her.

Mr. Naga

Naga's aunt is Mr. Naga's sister-in-law, they have not been seen interacting.


  • Naga's aunt's son smashed a wall in their house and afterwards, Naga's aunt realized there was another door.