Fandom rules

I'll just put in a link, along with some user stuff as well, please give them a read.

Community guidelines: 

Terms of Use:


The wiki is written in American English, as in, "Color" not "Colour", and etc. It's fine if written in a different kind of English, but changing the articles to spell it in another kind isn't necessary, and could be considered vandalization.

It would be best if everybody wrote in formal speech in articles, in terms of everything else, like message walls and forums, you are able to type any way you like, as long as it isn't trollish in anyway.

If you don't know how to spell something please search it up.

What to put on articles

What the article templates already have, things about the characters, appearance? Describe them. Trivia? Look through the webtoon and record what they say, like "I like oranges." Then write that down in the trivia, habits, quirks, and more are acceptable, if not sure about more then please consult with me and some more people, and we'll work together to figure out what to add next.


When adding pictures to the articles change the name to be descriptive of the image, please do not place the images in without changing the name


The list of rules for the galleries:

  • All galleries must have at least 5 images in them
  • All of the images must have the characters of the article in them.
  • If the gallery is for the Organization articles, only add in pictures of the whole organization.
  • Official art only, such as the original webtoon.
  • Max amount of images in galleries is 15 unless is needed.
  • All images of the characters must be different, no repeats of the same mood or action.



If a user is vandalizing the articles please report and undo their edits. Ban times may differ on any other contributions.

  • A user of any vandalizing will be banned indefinitely.
  • A user who helped the wiki and started vandalizing will be banned for a week or two.
  • A user who's only edits are vandalizing will be banned indefinitely.


Due to the rating of the webtoon being PG, the wiki should also be that way due to the possibility of young teens and possibly children looking at the wiki.

Minor swears are allowed, and even some more as long as they aren't the F word or big swears like that.

Racial and Homophobic slurs are not allowed under ANY circumstance, and any user who uses them will be banned indefinitely.


Any user who breaks these rules and any fandom rules will be banned for an amount of time, there is no exceptions.