Ruli is a snake hybrid that works as an idol for FORK, she was a villain when she tried to attack Sekrun, a fellow hybrid idol because out of jealousy.


She has somewhat light skin, green-yellow hair, big green-yellow eyes, green choker/small snake, and is seen wearing a one-shoulder long-sleeved shirt with stockings.


Ruli was one of Judas's picks for FORK and was called 'disgusting' by pure-bloods and was unable to make her debut. She got rid of mixed features and is unable to see in her left eye through three surgeries to change her reptile eyes. She was miserable when Sekrun created mixed-blood idol fanatics, which caused her to plot plan to sabotage Sekrun.


She was discriminated by pure-bloods/humans to change the appearance of her reptile features, which made her envy Sekrun who she thought had it easy. She was Sekran's stalker who secretly harassed her through wigs, chicken blood, putting blood in her mailbox, thrown rats at her, and attempted to throw oil on her to light her on fire.


She is shown to be cheery and kind until something gets on her nerves, which she then resorts to violence.   

Abilities/ Powers

  • very limited telekinesis, like bending spoons.
  • can teleport objects in her hand to wherever she likes.