"If that isn't a coincidence. Me too, Venom."

— Tracy, Chapter 11

Tracy was a guinea pig for the Immortality Research Center.


Tracy is shown with long white hair and eyes that are a mix of blue and orange. She has very pale skin, with a long white button up shirt and black tights.

In the special hundredth chapter, she appears almost the same, only with shorter hair and a male figure.


She is very polite and docile but doesn't hesitates a second to rebel and to protect the one she loves from an attack.


Tracy is a clone created with the blood of Baekmorae.

Redrum gave Venom blood to Tracy, which is torture for her given their respective abilities.


When she met Naga, she simply greets him with a polite hello.

When Baekmorae try to kill Tracy, Venom corrodes the walls of his glass box and quit it (without any problem) and ask Baekmorae to stop. Baekmorae refuse and ask him to "piss off or die" from his purification.

When Baekmorae tries to kill Venom, it's Tracy who protects him, afterwards they both run away.

In their flight, Venom declared his love to Tracy, she tells him it's mutual and they decide to die together. The two melted into a puddle, and a deep, black hole formed in the middle of the forest.

Abilities/ Powers

  • Purification: She can purify anything and everything with one touch. But she is a failure so Redrum increased Tracy's resistance to the poison of Venom little by little.




They are polar opposites, if they touch each other, both of them will melt and die, but they love each other and end up dying together.



Her existence shames him so he tries to kill her. She gets angry and attacks him when he attacks Venom.


The person who locked her up and uses her as a guinea pig. Redrum gave Venom blood to Tracy, which is torture for her given their respective abilities.


  • A proper translation of her name is Trashy.
  • Unsurprisingly she was named after garbage.