Unlucky is a rabbit mix who is the head inspector for SPOON


Unlucky use to work for SPOON as a body guard for key personnel because of his ability to be the most unlucky person in the area and thus take the most damage for any attack aimed for his client. Since his power directly corresponds with how unhappy he is the executives of SPOON tried to increase his power by killing his pet and burning down his house along with the things he inherited from his parents, but because of this his power changed to make anyone who has made him upset or touched him unlucky. Thus killing the majority of executives who tried to increase his power because of this they tried to send an assassin after him, but ultimately failed. The executive, Young Jeong , being the only one who doesn't fear him, eventually takes him under her wing.


He has long, messy brown hair with his bangs covering one of his eyes. His scleras and red and his irises are black. Being a rabbit mix he has long, floppy, rabbit ears. He wears a brown dress shirt that a vertical black stripe pattern on it and black dress pants with suspenders.


Unlucky first appears while listening to Dune's report to Young Jeong about Baekmorae's capture.In Chapter 119 while visiting the SPOON building to investigate why Dune was upset. In Chapter 125 he accompanies Mago to help the flight team find who Sekrun's stalker was, but ends up getting lost and running into Naga and Eun Bidan. Naga teleports the three of them to Sekrun's room where Unlucky tells Mago that Naga touched him prompting Mago to warn Naga to avoid old and young people.


Because of his ability he is almost constantly unhappy and nervous.


  • Unluckiness

Formerly his power was to be the most unlucky person in an area, but it has changed to make anyone who touched him or made him unhappy unlucky.