Vivian is a Wolf mythical beast who works for SPOON.


He is short with gray-blue hair and completely yellow eyes. Being a wolf mythical beast, he has a gray-blue tail. He wears a black suit with a blue dress shirt that has vertical black stripes on it, and a black bow around his neck. Despite his youthful appearance he is an adult.

In his wolf form, he becomes a wolf over twice the size of a grown man, with blue-gray fur and yellow eyes.


He is often described as a gentleman, refusing to fight a lady.


At some point, he was on a team with Sasa and Songha, and would eat lunch with them. When Songha suggested that Sasa directly asks Guineung the reason for his neck bandages, Vivian chastised him, telling him that children are sensitive.

Later he was seen watching a horror movie with some of SPOON's heroes during a rainstorm, commenting that the movie was stupid.


He was first seen investigating the giant squid SPOON had defeated.

Later, while the SPOON building was being raided by KNIFE, he and Rona traveled down to the basement, where he then fought Songha. He saves Naga from one of Songha's attacks.

In Chapter 135 he is shown killing a giant stingray and commenting about how these creatures appearing might be a sign for things to come.

After a fight between Songha and Orca, he and Sasa investigated the scene, commenting whoever Songha was fighting would have surely died.


  • Mythical Beast: As a Mythical Beast he is able to transform into a giant wolf and no longer age.



  • He is almost constantly in the company of two office ladies who are presumably his partners.
  • Received the most chocolate on Valentine's Day because of his gentlemanly personality.
  • His female appearance in the Chapter 200 Special had twin tails.
  • He is treated like a dog by Naga, who while around Vivian comments that he always wanted to make a connection with a big dog and occasionally lifts him up.